The Vineyard movement was birthed in simple songs and transforming moments of worship. To this day, experiencing God in worship is one of the hallmarks of Vineyard churches.

Throughout our story, the Vineyard movement has been primarily known for our expression of worship though the songs that God has given us. We have a rich history of meeting with God in worship, writing and recording songs for the Body of Christ, and serving worship leaders in their high calling in the local church.

Playing a vital role in birthing the contemporary worship movements of today, and with a few thousand songs pouring from Vineyard Worship over the last decades, the Vineyard movement has its own “hymnody” carrying our theology and values.
Experiencing God in Worship
When we lift our voices and bow our hearts, we expect to experience God’s presence as a palpable reality. We have found we are made more fully human and better reflections of the God-image that we were created to be.

Worship shapes us as we respond to God’s love, and meet with Him, in the songs we sing. While there are many ways to worship, singing is vital to the Vineyard.

The songs below are a mix of various songs we are singing in our church, and other popular Vineyard songs.  Not everything we sing is from the Vineyard, but Vineyard does make up the core of what we sing.  There are so many other great sources for worship as well, and we try to find what best fits our vision for the worship God deserves.

Featured Songs
  1. Kingdom Come
    © KXC
  2. Spirit Burn
    ©2013 Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire), Thankyou Music Album: Spirit Burn, 2013 Vineyard Records UK
  3. Surrender
    ©2000 Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire) Album: Surrender, 2005 Vineyard Records UK
  4. Fill This Place
    ©2015 Red Rocks Worship Album: The Rooftop EP, 2015
  5. No Longer Slaves
    ©2014 Bethel Music Publishing Album: Gateway Worship Voices, 2016 Gateway Create
  6. No Longer Strangers
    ©2014 Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire), Mercy / Vineyard Publishing Album God You Are - Live From Southern Califronia, 2016 Vineyard Worship
  7. Show Your Power
    ©1991 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing Album: Refiner's Fire - Season of New Life, 2002 Vineyard Music USA
  8. You'll Come
    ©2007 Hillsong Music Publishing Album: Hillsong Live: This Is Our God, 2008 Hillsong Music Australia
  9. What Can I Bring
    ©2005 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing Album: Sweetly Broken, 2006 Vineyard Music USA
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