About Us

The Riverside Vineyard Church is part of the Vineyard family of churches.  In 2016 we set out to plant a new Vineyard church in the city of Riverside.  We soon found ourselves meeting at the Cesar Chavez Center on University, but as we continued to discover who we were as a group and what God had in store for us, we realized we needed to move.  In January of 2017, God lead us to Harrison Elementary School, where we have made our home in hope we can serve that area of the city by providing a place where families can come and experience God's love in a safe and familiar environment.

As a young church, things may not be polished and professional.  But while the big music and flashy lights are nice, that is not our aim.  Instead, we are focussed on Jesus and living out His purpose, offering Him what each of us bring to the table, whatever that looks like.

So if you're looking for a place where God is earnestly sought out, where you can come as your are and be real, where your kids will be taught that they have a special place in God's kingdom, and where pomp and flair don't take precedence over a real desire for God's presence in our lives, then this might be the place for you.  And if you have a gift or talent you want to put to use for God's Kingdom, let us know.  We want to see God use you to affect change in your community.

We would love the opportunity to meet you and share that with you.  So come for a visit and experience the presence of God with us.  Dress casual (seriously) and find out if this is the right place for you and your family.

God bless,


  1. Managing Director